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XOXO Capital Acquires Sheet.Best for Building NoCode APIs for Google Sheets

XOXO Capital Acquires Sheet.Best for Building NoCode APIs for Google Sheets

Here at XOXO Capital we love backing indie hackers, weekend dev warriors, moonlight coders, YC'ers, and everything in-between. Developer tools are close to our heart as 3 out of 4 of our GP's have a background in software engineering and entrepreneurship themselves. The best developer and NoCode tools are carefully crafted by passionate and eager developers yearning for a better solution to the common problems we all face. Often wanting to help out those engineers just starting their software development career that need a little oomph during their software creation process.

The Google Sheets to API platforms that exist today do a great job empowering technical business folks using data visualization tools, marketers building a website that needs to consume CMS-like data sources and or simple APIs, junior devs working on their first front-end projects that may lack some back-end know-how, and so many more unique use-cases. These folks need to create simple, fast, and efficient prototypes. Our vision is to build and expand on these use-cases.

Sheet.Best is an extraordinarily powerful Google Sheets to API tool. It allows users to turn spreadsheets into REST APIs within seconds. It helps solo-devs to enterprise's power applications with NoCode APIs by offloading managing a dedicated back-end and API to our service. Simply connect to a sheet and get started in moments with a NoCode back-end API. Sheet.Best is helping build the world's best prototypes, MVP's, and solo-projects while making development a joy.

Some kind words from the great groups of developers we bought Sheet.Best from:

Selling Sheet.Best to XOXO was a swift and transparent process. Their communication is effective and leads to mutual trust between the parties. I can now build my next businesses knowing we transferred our product into excellent hands.

Check out NoCode tools at their best at Sheet.Best.

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