Acquisition # 10 -

Acquisition # 10 -

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This week I just recorded our partner meeting and we just jump right into it. In hindsight I probably should have recorded an intro!



We are still completing handoff of our largest acquisition to date but were to excited to hold off announcing it for another week. This is a business with a reasonable growth rate that is also kicking off multiple six figures of profit (profit?!). I've never written a larger check in my life and am terrified. However, XO will now be profitable again and this is going to meaningfully change our strategy on what we look to acquire next.

If you're interested in a hold co / op co, I would implore you to listen to this podcast episode. It feels like our exact roadmap and current thinking on subsequence acquisitions. Every second of this episode rings true for me. And I also learned we really have an op co (operations company) not a holding company. Of course we would like to be a holding company but it's going to take a bit to get there.

The Hard Thing(s) About Holdcos with Bill D’Alessandro — Permanent Equity: Investing in Companies that Care What Happens Next
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We will release more info about Growthbar in the coming weeks but rest assured we have our hands full over the next few months wrapping our head around a much larger customer base in a product category that is rapidly evolving.

For this week, I decided to record our partner meeting as a video and a podcast. We've never done that before and I hope it gives you some insights into how we delegate tasks and work together as a team. I've gotten a few messages about this over the years and think perhaps listening to us chat through stuff might help you understand just how complimentary Danny and Henry are to my skill set (which is mostly just a fire starter).  

What we like about Growthbar:

  • growth
  • product simplicity
  • current size of the biz
  • huge market with several companies doing $10M plus a year.

Growthbar risks:

  • market is moving insanely fast.
  • legacy tech stack