Acquisition Pod

Pod 1 is full! We got 5 people in < 24 hours wohoo! Join the discord for info on the next one (if we do it)

XO is launching the first ever acquisitions pod.

Goal: Buy your first business along side 4 other ambitions ETA entrepreneurs. This will be 5 individuals buying 5 different businesses.

Cost: $100 total (for 3 months)

Start Date: March 1

This is our first one so if we can't get 5 people we will give you a 100% refund.

  • Aim High: Your goal is to buy your first business.
  • Team Up: Dive into this journey with 4 other ambitious individuals in your pod.
  • Learn & Grow: Engage in weekly calls with your pod to navigate the complexities of buying a business.
  • Expand Your Network: Join a weekly call with all pods, including a special session with me, to share insights, progress, and strategies.
  • Invest in Your Future: We're committed to making this accessible. It's $100 to secure your spot.