AI Generated Content

AI Generated Content

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Like much of the rest of the world, we're experimenting with AI generated content. Last week, we bought and needed some blog posts. We used this process to create the first 5 blog posts to seed our blog.

The tools we used:

  • Ghost  - for blogging
  • Placid - create images
  • Chat GPT - the brains of the operation

You can use whatever you'd like for the blogging platform / image creator. But this rough flow should 10x your text-based content. Now, whether it works or not, time will tell!

  1. You need a blog. if you don't have one, use ghost. if you do... use that
  2. Generating blog post images is annoying. I like placid's free tier, but there are plenty of alternatives
  3. Copy a blog post from a competitor or use a tool like semrush to research which keywords a competitor is ranking for so you can guide chat gpt to write a version for your own blog.


One of the most important parts of this process is that chat GPT prompt. This is the one I used. Feel free to tweak this. Different prompts can produce radically different (and sometimes better) results.

Here's the prompt I used

Rewrite this BLOG POST. Keep the meaning but don't worry about substituting the exact correct word. Just keep the tone the same and make it a little fun and a little informal. bring your personality out. Occasional emoji's are okay. BLOG POST: <your text>

Once the content is published, we'll submit it to google search console and wait and see what happens!