August 2022

August 2022


  • 💰 Total MRR: ~$26,737 (+/- a few hundred)
  • 👏 Sold Sentiment Investor!
  • 🚣 Now at 5 FT employees.

Biggest Win:

  • Sold - it went to a much better forever home :)

Biggest Fail:

  • churn on inlytics. Inlytics uses a chrome extension to check linkedin for post performance. When anything in LinkedIn changes, our app breaks. PITA.

Lessons Learned:

  • We said no to a deal this month that we could have acquired at a great price. We passed because the product was not where we would have liked it. In the past, I would have said yes to this, spent a hundred hours rewriting it from scratch and then figured out if this was a good market to be in. I can't tell if we're getting smarter or more cautious but buying $5k MRR just doesn't feel worth it anymore in some cases depending on the price we can acquire it for and or the amount of engineering required to maintain + grow it.
  • We're still looking for a slightly larger business, ideally something we can finance via the SBA.

Screenshot API

  • $ 3,088 MRR
  • 6x growth since acquisition

Sheet Best

  • $4,493 MRR
  • 5.5x growth since acquisition


  • $7,212
  • shrunk this month due to chrome extension disconnections. God is it annoying to be totally dependent on someone else's platform.

Work Clout

  • $11,944 MRR - no change

Cold Email Studio

  • $24.3k  
  • August wasn't great.
  • We're still struggling getting back into sales mode. Oddly we didn't have sales issues for about a year. We repeatedly had to stop sales efforts to let the service catch up. Now it's the opposite, we are slightly over staffed in anticipation of growth, but have struggled to get meetings at the same pace as last year.
  • I'm starting to think it's just August though, summer is notoriously slow. The true test will be September where we should be back to $30k.