Fresh Cheddar

Fresh Cheddar

Couple of announcements:

We've got some fresh cheddar!

We just got access to up to $2M to deploy. We're looking for 1-2 businesses:

  • b2b saas
  • $30k+ MRR

This is about 2x what we've already deployed so far which is a big deal. We will still of course be operating our portfolio and the flip fund, and will be hiring additional help where necessary to accommodate the growth.

Couple of deals for sale: - This is as close to a passive investment as I've seen. really low support volume, almost no engineering work required regularly. It's been awesome but we are focused on consolidating our portfolio and buying bigger businesses.

$150k asking price MRR is $4k with 223 active subscribers

Growthbar - I believe there is still massive opportunity here, but we're tight on cash since this was our largest acquisition ever and need some cash back out for GP commits on these larger funds. Will be taking an L on this one, but it's all for the cause.

Cold DM - a tiny one. great for someone's first acquisition:

Looking Ahead

We do intend on doing flip fund 2 later in the year. Our current priorities are:

  • flip fund 1 - make sure journey is on a good growth path. We've hired an offshore dev team to accelerate growth and are cranking on new sales opportunities
  • Deploying fresh capital. $2M is a lot for us to deploy. We're going to do our best to deploy it quickly and efficiently. This is a very specific criteria at this price range though. We're going to be focusing a lot more on distributions and profitability
  • consolidating XO's portfolio. As we continue to raise more and move from an op co (which we absolutely are for flip fund 1 and the new round of capital) to more of a hold co, we're going to be selling off most of our assets to have enough cash to continue raising $ (we put in 5% to 10% each time and it adds up!)