Growthbar - The First 90 Days

Growthbar - The First 90 Days

This week, Danny is taking over with an in depth breakdown of our ownership of Growthbar over the first 90 days. It's been turbulent but appears to be stabilizing.

Here's a teaser:

Month 1 - We didn't change much. Great month.

Month 2 - We removed forcing people to enter a credit card and nearly destroyed the business.

Month 3 - Recovery

Month 4 - Massive churn from annual subscribers. Were these customers real?



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Recap of the first 90 days of GrowthBar
We’ve documented GrowthBar extensively both internally and externally. It is our largest acquisition to-date. There is a lot on the line to make this business one of our wins. You can watch/listen to my full walk-through explanation in this loom video: Generally, the first 30 days after acquisitio…