June 2022

June 2022


  • 💰 Total MRR: ~$22,107 (+/- a few hundred).
  • 👯 Over 64,000 total users under the XO umbrella!
  • No new acquisitions or employees

Biggest Win:

  • Adding a new $9.99 plan on Sheet.Best helped drive 19 new subscriptions in one week!

Biggest Fail:

  • Not catching that LinkedIn changed something in their API that messed up Inlytics. Platform risk sucks.

Screenshot API

  • $3325 MRR
  • 112 Subscribers

Sheet Best

  • $4406 (over 5x since we bought it)
  • 175 subscribers
  • Annual Run Rate > Purchase price.

Work Clout

  • $6119.99 MRR


  • $8,251 MRR
  • Fixed a huge bug causing a lot of churn (LinkedIn changed how they do stuff, and so we had to adjust but didn't catch it fast enough).

Sentiment Investor

  • currently for sale!

Cold Email Studio

  • Brought in $26,588
  • Nearly $500,000 in Gross Volume since it was started.
  • Last year, summer was a bit slow. This year looks to be roughly the same
  • Working on a new piece of software - https://supersend.io - email + linkedIn sequence sender.

Have a great 4th of July if you're in the US!