Mission Statement

Acquire.so Mission Statement To help people profitably buy and sell SaaS businesses.

Mission Statement
And an open declaration of my goals for this project. Hopefully they don't look too foolish a year from now.

I got into buying (small) companies around August 2020. It took another two months to put a solid group together, and another month to finally do our first acquisition. Even after taking the Micro Acquisitions Course, the process still felt a little sketchy, and the reason was because we had no idea what the hell we were doing. It's one thing to follow along with a course online and quite another to wire money to strangers on the internet and then suddenly have a new product, with real customers expecting you to answer their support questions and fix bugs.

I hope this newsletter is part of your educational journey to buying companies profitably.

For the foreseeable future, I'll mostly focus on SaaS companies. It's what I know, and also happens to have the highest margins. If you're looking to buy a storage unit business (call me, I want in!) but this is not the place for you.

Acquire.so Mission Statement

To help people profitably buy and sell SaaS businesses.

About Me (Andrew)

I'm a UC Berkeley Grad, former Head of Development for a venture studio, former CTO of an AI company that raised $8M, and now an avid acquirer of SaaS companies. I've also founded a few other profitable businesses including a lead generation business I bootstrapped to $15k a month. All this is to say that I've had some small wins, but nothing major. I'm writing these thing to learn myself and I hope they'll provide value to you as well.

Public Goals

  1. By May 1st, I want to have 1,000 subscribers to this newsletter.
  2. Once I have 1,000 subscribers to this newsletter, I'm going to launch a weekly podcast.
  3. Within 30 days of launching the podcast, I want to have 1,000 downloads per month.