Moving To A Paid Community

Moving To A Paid Community
This is what chat gpt thinks a community loks like. people welcoming money aliens ...

I've been debating / delaying this moment for 3 years. They say to build a business these days, one smart way to do it is build a community first.

We do have a community. It's on discord. It's been useless for all but the past month or so.

A few weeks ago I put together a small group I called a "pod" to help them work through buying their first business. We got much more interest than I thought.

Initially the idea was to get 5 ish people together over 90 days and guide them on buying their first biz. It quickly became apparent that not everyone was starting from the same place. Some had been searching for a while, some were really at the beginning of their journey, etc.

I thought I could just write weekly posts, and maybe a worksheet to guide them. I was wrong. We all hopped on a call together and I quickly realized they all had specific questions they wanted answers to. Stuff that was hard to google. Stuff that was probably not appropriate to post about publicly.

It was on that call I realized that we needed a better space for more people to be able to do that. So instead of doing cohort 2, 3, 4, etc we're going to hold weekly calls to help each person wherever they are in their journey move forward.

The time based cohort wasn't a bad idea, but the problem is that it sometimes takes 6 months, 1 year, 2 years to find the perfect business to buy. We've gone through two 6 month periods where we didn't buy anything. With this new format, my hope is that progress can be made without a hard time deadline.

So the value we're providing is:

  • Weekly community calls
  • Small meets - join in a small group to actually meet others doing this
  • Partner up - Find others to buy businesses with. Or fund them!
  • Acquisitions Course (work in progress)
  • Deal Flow - share deals, get help with diligence

So if you're interested, jump in! You can use the discount code FOUNDING_MEMBER for 50% off. It's annual only.