September 2023 XO Recap

Check out the monthly recap report for September 2023.

September 2023 XO Recap



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Danny here. Running it back on back-to-back weeks.

It's been pretty nuts the past several months. Thankfully, we decided to meet up here in Dallas this weekend for a quick day trip.

We met up in Oct 2022 as well, so it'll be exactly one year since we got to see each other in person. You can read a bit about what XO was up to then in the monthly recap post here.

Portfolio Update

I talk about this in the beginning of the recap video below, but September was unique because each company was in a different stage, so each of them required a different mindset, a different set of resources, and just a unique plan. This context changing is an incredibly fun challenge and a necessary skill to build up.

If you have suggestions/thoughts about how to handle the spinning plates feeling, I'd love to hear from you.


GrowthBar SEO

  • Able to stabilize the net growth for active subscribers. August we had -98 so having a net growth of 15 is a good sign.
  • There are a lot of fun growth plays we will be running for the rest of this year


  • v.3 is almost ready to go and will be sort of our last effort to get this product on a growth path
  • LinkedIn changes along with new competitors has pressed us to think about the value prop of the product


  • Been on a decline since the start of the year.
  • Need to ramp up Google Ads spend a bit more to see if the growth in new subscribers/new sign-ups coincides with more spend.


  • Steady little product that could potentially grow massively in October.
  • Adding a couple new features to keep up with some of the existing players that we've lost some customers to.
scrolling screenshot example


  • October will be all systems go in terms of growth as the product is back to a steady state that includes a new pricing structure.
  • Launching a chrome extension that will also include a Product Hunt launch